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Company identification

The site is published by Usine Motos, SARL with a capital of €76,250, registered with the RCS of Belfort under number 377 870 860.

L'Usine Motos is a company located in France, at 1 rue Emile Beley in Etupes (25460).

In addition to the site's contact form, the company can be reached by post at this address or by telephone at

Commercial information

Latest general conditions of sale published on 21/02/2022 available on the site.

Intracom VAT number: FR 73377870860

Processing of personal data

The data collected is used solely for the operation of the store, the processing of orders and, where appropriate, the sending of emails by the company to its customers.

We strictly do not transmit any information to third parties, partners or not, and we put in place technical procedures (encryption, backups, supervision) to guarantee the greatest security of our processing.

Use of cookies and trackers

The cookies used by the site are those strictly necessary for its proper functioning (order processing, displays chosen by the customer).

The tracers used (Google Analytics type) are used for global statistical purposes and render data anonymous.

The live chat functionality only allows the customer to contact a live advisor if he wishes and, as such, to remain free to identify himself or not with our service.

A system for accepting third-party cookies is available and allows you to choose whether or not to accept them at any time.

Use of brand, model or accessory range names

As part of its work to promote and sell motorcycle accessories, the company l'Usine Motos uses and quotes brand names (example: Honda, SW-Motech, Givi), motorcycle models (example : Africa Twin, NC750X, CB650R) or ranges of accessories (example: Trekker Outback, Terra, Xplorer). The list is not exhaustive.

These names, as well as certain associated visuals, are not the property of the Motos Factory and are used only, when necessary, for identification purposes, information on compatibility or explanation of use on the product concerned.

The products and parts sold under these brand names all come from their official distribution network, it being understood that Usine Motos is part of this network of approved retailers.

Intellectual property and image rights

The domain name, visuals and content of the site are part of the intellectual property of Usine Motos or its business partners. Any reproduction, even partial, is strictly prohibited under penalty of prosecution.

In the "community" parts of the site, photos may be provided by members/customers or subscribers of related social networks.

By providing a photo (spontaneously or as part of an event), its author assumes the responsibility of having all the rights and accepting its public distribution, without any compensation and without time limit. Authorization to publish does not constitute transfer of intellectual property.


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